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Steelboso is the platform to make the whole process of trading plant materials quicker and easier

Steelboso Solution
Plant Material Online Trade Platform
Steelboso provides fulfilled solutions by easily connecting sellers and buyers. We also support customers for all stages of the transaction from matching to delivery.

Just search and place order for the plant material you are interested in with our fulfillment solution.
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Experience the simplest function first
We optimized material search algorithm for the plant industry. If you request a quote through the Detail Search, you can receive a quote right away. Or if you want to sell, you will be matched with the purchaser just by uploading Excel sheet.
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We support in all directions for successful trading
Steelboso is made by experts who have more than 10 years of experience in the plant industry. We will help you to trade materials quickly, conveniently and safely online.
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Only verified companies can register
Only verified companies with a track record of manufacturing or distributing plant materials can register as a member for trading.
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Reconfirm availability
Minimize potential problems with the transaction by reconfirming the seller's stock availability before online transaction.
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Secure money transactions
The trading algorithm built by steelboso can prevent various accidents that may occur during payment transactions.
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Dedicated Team for Trade
steelboso operates a dedicated team that can be dispatched to the site immediately if there is a problem in the transaction process. Steelboso actively responds to any issues that arise on the trading process.
Steelboso provides perfect deal with 4 step process
It is available to check the material you want by searching keywords or clicking detailed specifications quickly.
Request A Quote
Upload your BOM to get a quote for various items. You can also simply request a quote with a few clicks for single items.
Place Order
If you are satisfied with the quotation provided by Steelboso, please let us know your intention for the placed order to
Transaction Progress
If you inform us of your intention to place an order, steelboso will take full responsibility for the entire transaction process, from confirmation of necessary documents such as certificates to payment and transportation.
Many companies are already using steelboso
Numerous companies are already doing business with Steelboso.

Steelboso is ready to accompany you for your successful trading